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After circling the drain with compassion fatigue, I stumbled upon this article that was published in the ACEP: read it and tell me you don't feel proud! Guest Editorial ACEP News September... Read More

  1. by   el_guapo
    Wow! I have truly felt that there was something really special about being an emergency nurse, and this article explains it so eloquently that I am all the more resolved to make it my chosen specialty! I only hope that I can live up to all that Dr. Baehren said!
  2. by   tsdRN
    This is what I needed. Just started in a new Hospital and that Doc's are not the most personable. I copied this to post at work and hopefully encourage others. many many thanks
  3. by   haitham abo majed
    hi iam new if ther is any linke to help me to get powr point information about er and ccrn
  4. by   haitham abo majed
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  5. by   haitham abo majed
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  6. by   sanddy
    very good article..

  7. by   Dragonnurse1
    Thank you is not enough but thanks Dr. Baehren You make us feel appreciated.

    Patty from Alab ama
  8. by   BRK97
    One of our ER physicians actually copied this from a journal and placed it in our break room.

    It is very warming to know that we are appreciated by our er physicians, who deal with a lot of the same crap as well.
  9. by   southlandshari
    Thank you so much for posting this here - it is a wonderful message and all nurses, not just ER nurses, should feel appreciated by this editorial. I know I wouldn't feel slighted in the least to read the same kind of op-ed about OR or ICU or med-surg or renal or peds or any other kind of nurse. We're all on the same team and I applaud any and all forms of praise for what we do.

    I will definitely share this at work on my next shift. I'm fortunate enough to work with some really great ER doctors that have real respect for not only the nurses but the techs and other staff that interact with them throughout a shift. Dr. Baehren would fit right in!

  10. by   coffeelover73
    wow, thanks for this beautiful & heart warming article!!! it's been a great honor to be acknowledged...for all the selfless care and services we offer to our fellowmen!!!yelclap:
  11. by   coffeelover73
    wow, thanks for this great & heart warming article!!! it's been such an honor to be acknowledged in this noble renderring our selfless care & services to our fellowmen
  12. by   1HOTERMAMA
    This is awesome!
  13. by   SueG XRing94
    I am an ER Charge Nurse and I am giving a copy of this to all our staff tomorrow. Thank you so much. I am proud to be an ER Nurse.