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  1. I am in the first semester of a FNP program which does not offer a ER component. I am interested in combining my general FNP program with ER didactics and clinical training for mid-management care of ER patients.

    I have spoken with er physicians and many would like to have a FNP who could suture, during high patient volume times.

    I would like to pattern my FNP curriculum like a program which offers a ER component. Please advice of any FNP programs which have a ER component and hospitals which allow FNP's to practice in their emergency rooms.

    God Bless!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You haven't listed which state that you are living in...............many hospitals use NP in their ER, you just need to contact a few in your area. You usually see them more in some of the county hospitals in my past experience. And if the hospital that you would like to work in doesn't have them, market yourself to them. That is how many of the NPs got started..............

    Good luck.....................
  4. by   MaleAPRN

    I'm a FNP in California, and I practice in the ER of a level I trauma center. The program that I went to didn't have an ER component, but was able to be permitted to do some of my hours in the ER where I worked as a nurse.

    After graduating, I was lucky to be associated with an ER that hired NPs in the ER. I was also hired into the ER, because I had been working there and knew all the staff and docs already. They knew that I wanted to work there and they knew my work ethics.

    I suggest that you ask around other ERs that may permit you to do some clinicals there. Market yourself well.