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  1. Hello,

    I have just started as an ER nurse extern in a level one trauma unit in a large city. If all goes well, I will be able to enter the ER nurse orientation (22 weeks) on graduation. This is a 65 bed ER and also a teaching hospital so this is an amazing opportunity.

    Any tips from experienced ER nurses on how to maximize my extern experience? Also, if you have worked with an extern, what do you like them to do that makes your shift easier? What do they do that annoys you??

    Thanks for your responses

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  3. by   errneducator
    Good for you on obtaining an externship! Use this time for your benefit. It is a great time to put everything you are learning in school with real life practice. Unfortunately, you will not learn Er nursing in nursing school. When I have had externs, I always appreciated when they didn't need me to motivate them. I would rather you have me ask questions than just dive in and do and then have to undo the damage. Get together with your preceptor on a regular basis and ask for feedback. Don't take what they say personally, but rather use the feedback as a platform for growth. Have a wonderful time learning!