Emergency Nurse Practitioner

  1. Does anyone know how one becomes an ENP? I always thought it would be a straight program like FNP (ie get masters and take another NCLEX)... But I was researching and I'm gathering that you just first work as an FNP in acute care adult or some other acute care specialty before you can become an ENP? I'm confused...
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    The NPs with whom I've worked in the ED have usually gone through an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program of some sort. That might be something to investigate. Vanderbilt also has a neato ED-specific program ... man, would I love to be able to do that one -- Emergency Nurse Practitioner | Master of Science in Nursing | Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
  4. by   ReWritten
    Unfortunately it is very confusing. I've worked in ERs where the NPs are FNP and I've worked where they're ACNP. It really depends on the system. I've also worked in setting where I've never see the midlevels take on level 3's and higher, but in rural settings, they can do anything/everything. I think it really depends on the hospital system. I've been kind of debating this myself and unfortunately it's very confusing.
  5. by   RN-CEN TS
    You must be a board certified nurse practitioner who has worked for 2000+ hours in the emergency setting. See the following website for specifics. The ENP-BC is a secondary certification by portfolio once you have already been practicing as nurse practitioner.

    Emergency Nurse Practitioner Eligibility Criteria

    Hope this helps.