ED Flow Sheets

  1. I am looking for an Ed nurses notes flow sheet to help with documenting. We will be going paperless in about 18 months, so not looking to buy a system like T-Charts. To improve flow and keep the nurse at the bedside more, we want to seperate the nurses notes from the actual chart.Does anyone keep their nurses notes at the bedside? We are a 15 bed unit, level 2, with a 2 bed minor care open in the evening. Thanks
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Our flow sheets are separate from the rest of the chart, is four parts and held together with a perforation at the top. Each one has a copy underneath and is separated from each of the other three parts by a cardboard barrier. The first part is the triage: complaint, VS, prehospital care notes, educational assessment. Second part is physical assessment (mostly checkboxes) on top, interventions check boxes in the middle (time of labs, films, IV starts, etc.). Bottom is IV solns and meds. Third part is flow charting. Fourth part is flow charting and a space to mount a monitor strip.
  4. by   CoolhandHutch
    These are pretty nice http://www.bartcharts.com/nursing.html

    They're not cheap, but I like them. If anyone has any examples or can email what they use, I'd like to see them. We're in the process of doing the same thing the OP is....too bad Bartcharts is spendy.