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  1. We are moving to a new, larger emergency room and want to develop a new system for flagging orders, discharges, etc. Our docs are currently attaching colored clips to the charts, blue=new orders, green=discharge, etc.

    I was wondering what system other E.R.s used to flag their charts.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    In our level 1 ER (64,000 visits/year), we use EMSTAT which is all computerized. It is wonderful!!!!!
  4. by   Scis
    We have a LevelI trauma center and ER in poor, urban area where most use the ER for general visits. We expanded, tried a new charting system with large/heavy metal clipboards--we reverted to the paper clipping of papers together with the name info. and orders on top, clearly visible. We also oriented any new MD or resident to notify one of the nurses if they added orders because we would not be searching for them. Not Good, but more effective than the attempt at keeping organization among the chaos! Thanks for any better tips. Patty
  5. by   Uptoherern
    this seems pretty archaic, but works for us....we see about 100 pts per day, and have a rack with slots for the charts (they are all on a clipboard). If a pt is to be d/c'd...it goes in the racks marked d/c. there are also slots for nurse to do orders (iv;s, meds, etc), slots for clerk to do orders, slot for Dr. calls and slots for admission charts. You can just eyeball the rack and know immediately what's what. Sometimes simple works the best.
  6. by   atownsendrn
    Our system is similiar to erdiane's. Make it simple
  7. by   ernurse1234
    for flagging charts we use the rack system as well (i.e one rack for the rn to assess the patient, one rack for clerks to put orders in, one rack for the rn to take off nursing orders and a discharge rack.) also, we use color coded tags. red for orders, blue for discharge, blue for resp. green for ultrasound/specials etc. the cards are easy and cost effective to make. you can get colored construction paper and laminate the cards.
  8. by   cmprn
    Thanks for the input. Since my initial posting, your method is pretty much what we have come up with. It seems to be working well. We also flag our charts, but we use large clips that we found in different colors.
  9. by   ernurse1234
    [font=courier new]you are very welcome thank you. :roll
  10. by   madnarg
    We use pretty much same method but laminated decorated paper sheets with room # on them to cover charts when not in rack to comply with HIPAA.
  11. by   dm2
    We use the clipboard on a rack system too. If the chart is on its side everything's in progress.... if turned upright, something needs to be done. Once turned upright it goes on one end of rack for dr and other end of rack for nurse or clerk's rack. works for us but it can be hectic when you try to find a clipboard to chart! Or give to the impatient attending

    Next week we are going live with T-systems computerized system. Looks promising once the learning curve is met! Dreading the transition days! LOL!