does anyone know about this (allergies)

  1. I everyone, I was asking if anyone knew about allergic reactions to wasp stings. I was stung a few years ago and fainted about 10 minutes later, i was wondering if it would be an anaphylactic reaction (or is that much worse and am i being stupid?). I haven't been stung since, but i was concerned if i was stung again could the reaction be worse?? Just wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction? Cheers for your help!!
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  3. by   hogpharm
    Other than your episode of passing out, what other type symptoms did you have? Most Hymenoptera/Vespid stings obviously produce a local reaction that is nonallergy. ie wheal formation, pain, irritation, itching, and redness and sx generally resolve within a few hours. If the sting is in the right spot ie mouth/throat the local edema could cause serious complications, but this type response is not IgE mediated and thus not anaphylaxis. True anaphylaxis does occur in some individuals after hymenoptera stings. Citing PoisonDex risk factors for development of true allergy may be a short interval <2 months between the innocuous sting and the successive sting. Local sx of anaphylaxis stings include extensive local swelling which may persist for several days. Systemic sx include generalized itching, erythema, and angioedema, bronchial constriction, and hypotension to point of cardiovascular collapse and loss of consciousness. Individuals who have had and anaphylactic reaction to an Hymenoptera sting have a 35-60% chance of developing anaphylaxis from subsequent stings by an identical insect, and there is potential for cross reactivity with other non-identical Hymenoptera/Vespids. If you simply "passed out" and then awoke without any other complications outside of local irritation/discomfort more than likely it was not anaphylaxis.