Do you have a "pet name" for those patients who just drive you all nuts? - page 3

I think we all have those know, the ones who come in all the time, who really aren't the sharpest tacks, who just never seem to get it, who never bathe, who scare little children when... Read More

  1. by   frannybee
    Well, you've got your PPP - p*ss-poor protoplasm, or there's the Dying Swan who, although she's been admitted with something minor requiring observation but no treatment, will cry, moan and snuffle all night and will usually end up at the nurse's station asking for a cup of Ovaltine because "Mum used to make it for me when I was sick". Occasionally a patient will warrant the title Prince or Princess since they 'could have gone private but decided to go with the NHS anyway'. WHYYYYYYY?????? We've also had a few 'Fathers', patients who take it into their heads to preach at you all shift, especially after you tell them you're atheist/Jewish/Muslim/whatever. Have one person in at the moment who has religious affirmations pasted up on all the walls of their cubicle and refuses to take them down so we can use the cube when they go home for the weekend - we call it the shrine.
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