do i need some type of cert. for er tech?

  1. I am going to be starting school this fall for RN and would like to work in the ER. My question is can I work in the ER as a tech or do I have to have some type of certification? I did work as a cna in a ltc facility but my certification has expired. I tried searching this but haven't found any threads that talk about job requirements.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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  3. by   acuteobrn

    I don't work in the PA area but might suggest speaking to a couple of hospitals and or your school about requirements for your area. The hospitals around here require either finishing one clinical semester of nursing school or being a EMT to work ER. They don't take CNAs unless they are enrolled in clinical nursing school. Some hospitals, community colleges and fire departments offer the ~16 week EMT course and you become certified after that.

    I think you have an excellent idea, though, working in a hospital setting taking care of patients helps alot when it comes to theory and clinicals, and you will become comfortable in a critical area.

    Congrats on starting nursing school, Best of luck!

  4. by   MtnMan
    Hey Julz I am an EDT in a rural PA hospital. There is no legal requirement for certification, each facility is different. Our hospital requires CNA or EMT experience. If you have phlebotomy or EKG acquisition under your belt you are certainly a better candidate. I am also starting an ADN program in the fall, good luck to you feel free to PM me, I'd like to know how you make out in your job search.