Do I have a shot???

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    I am a male new grad in the Los angeles area. I am really interested in working in ED. As a student, I liked the ER's task oriented atmosphere and action. So far, I have spoken to some people who say that ER is not a place for new grads and I am better off working in a floor with less acuity before I consider moving to ER.

    Is there anybody out there who made it to ED as a new grad? Do I have a shot in the ED as a new grad?


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  3. by   teeituptom
    Bend over we will give you a shot of Valium
  4. by   Calfax

    Welcome to nursing, world's best excuse to earn drinking money. The ER's the best department to work in, period. But....prior to going to nursing school, I spent 6 yrs as an ER I was kinda cocky...thoughtI knew it all. Well, as a new grad, you don't know diddly....and you have to unlearn all that NANDA silliness. Plus you have to spend a year or so learning the actual craft of nursing.
    When I got hired, they put me to work on a med/surg floor. Backbreaking work.......but it's a good experience because it teaches you to manage your time like nothing else. Plus, you build a solid base of basic nursing skills and experience. You will have some idea of what happens to patients after they leave the ER. This lets you be able to accurately tell patients what they can expect when they get to the floor/icu. It will make you a better nurse when you do go to the ER.....and you'll respect floor nurses a lot you will know them. Makes getting pt's upstairs easier.
    So my recommendation is to go to a good med-surg ward for a year first, get your ACLS....then put in a transfer for the ER.
  5. by   TinyNurse
    hey, my advice is to go for it!!!! I started in the ER right after graduation!!! been working there for 7 months and love every minute of it!!! believe it or not i was a waitress before graduation, so no prior experience for me.
    No, you do not need other experience before ER, just the drive to excel in a highly critical environment, also prioritizing is very important.
    xo Jen