Decisions, decisions

  1. OK, I currently have all these ideas bouncing around in my brain, so I'm going to put them down on "paper."

    As a student, I worked on CICU for 3 1/2 years at my current hospital, and I also did a 12 week rotation on ICU at a Level I Trauma Center one summmer. I decided that I didn't really like CICU - too focused on cardiac, a little on the boring side etc. I liked my rotation at the trauma center however. It was a summer thing though, and so I left after it was over, deciding not to apply for a job there b/c they had a required number of hours you had to work during school, and my CICU job was basically work whenever I felt like it. When I graduated I went to the ER of the hospital I'd been at for a few years. I thought I wanted the action, adrenaline, and variety of the ER, and liked the idea of not having to deal with the longer-term issues of the ICU.

    Now I've noticed that I feel like I'm missing out on big chunk of knowledge and skills that you don't get a lot of in the ER, like the whole pathophysiology of illnesses/injuries, and skills like mgmt of vents, swans, ICP's, chest tubes etc. We do get those things, but not enough to become proficient at those ICU skills in the ER.

    I'm thinking about leaving and applying for a job in the ICU of the trauma center to get the experience I feel I'm missing out on. I haven't been happy since I've been in the ER...but I don't know if I'm really not happy, or if I'm just stressed out b/c I'm still new and going through that adjustment phase everyone goes through where they really don't like their jobs for awhile (I graduated in May).

    But I have noticed that the best nurses in my ER are the ones who have ICU experience. Also, when I was at the trauma center, I had SO much respect for those nurses...they just knew so much it was amazing. They had a very strong desire to keep learning new things, which I don't see much of where I am currently. I'm just getting very frustrated...I dread going in to work every night (like tonight), and I'm not sure I said, either it's ER really isn't for me, or I'm stressed b/c I'm new. Leaving the hospital and the ER is maybe just an escape for that...b/c who knows? I may be just as unhappy doing ICU...I left it before. Sigh...

    I'm committed to my current hospital for 1 year (til June) b/c I took a sign-on bonus. It wasn't a lump sum though, it's monthly...I think I'm going to check and see what would happen if I left before a year, whether I'd have to pay back what I've gotten so far, or if I just would not receive the rest (obviously.)

    Anyone have any comments/ideas/advice? Venting is good...

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I answered on the other thread. Where in Indiana do you work? I worked in Indianapolis for four years at the VA and LTC.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    I work in Indianapolis as well Never worked at the VA though.
    Thanks for your post! I'm going to post a "follow-up" to the replies I've gotten, but not now, hehehe...just got off work, and we were slammed all night, and I'm back on tonight.
    Have a good day!