Conscious Sedation Recoveries - page 2

I have a question- when ED sends a patient to EGD, and the patient receives conscious sedation, do you receive the patient back immediately afterwards to do the recovery? Our hospital has started... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    I worked in a GI special procedures unit, and did the admissions, prep with IV start and IVPB/flds. I also recovered them and d/c'd to home, after the MD reviewed his findings with them. This unit was part of a clinic inside the hospital. When EGDs, Colons, and ERCPs needed to be done after hours, the on call nurse would come in, assist the MD, reover the pt. and clean the scopes, and go back home. Problem was...that same on call nurse would have to be at work the next day for the whole entire day also.