Comes to ER, told to follow up, doesn't, comes back, gets angry - page 2

Some patients come to ER for an ongoing problem, for example, abdominal/ bowel problems. They get a workup. In this example, the patient is told to follow up with GI. A colonoscopy would be the... Read More

  1. by   BassCatchingNurse
    I'd say, at least once a shift (often multiple times), I have a patient that did not follow up and comes back because they are not better. I have had patients actually not fill their prescribed antibiotic and come back 2 days later because they are not better and "something needs to be done." It is a problem, but I do not have an answer. We live in a different world now. Sometimes the problem is access to healthcare, but many times it is not. In my area there are many places for the uninsured or low income to go to for PHC. There are free and reduced meds. We give the information. We teach/educate. I discuss options to expensive meds such as meds on a $4/month med list or smoking cessation to free up money and most times it falls on deaf ears. I discuss diet and exercise as a potential way to not need that htn med that they can't afford. Again..deaf ears. I truly care...and want to help, but you can't change people. We live in a society of "not my fault" and "it's your job" mentalities that only seem to be getting worse. I will continue to try to educate and care for those that do not even attempt to help themselves. However, when I clock out...I have to leave that behind. "I did my best" will have to be my peace!!!