Closed systems for gastric lavage???

  1. Help!!! We are in the dark ages using a Ewald tube and 60cc syringe to do gastric lavage. I know there are other systems out there - but need to contact mfgs. to get samples to demonstrate - can you help, I know one is called the Swiss system, another Code Blue - can anyone give me names and distributors. Thanks. MELRNED
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    We use Tum-E-Vac which I believe is a Baxter product. It comes as a lavage tube which you place the usual way. Then you connect it to a large double-pump syringe and lavage. The outflow goes into a bag below the patientand then you use another bag to hang from an IV pole as the inflow. This gives you a lavage action in the stomach to remove all pill fragments, residue. Also, after you do and are ready to instill charcoal all you do is put it in the top bag and clamp off the outflow port. We've been using this about three years and it works great. I'm off till the weekend but I will get the product number for you then. Hope this helps. judi