Call me Naive..

  1. I went to the website, and I have been trying to find information about becoming an Emergency Nurse Practitioner. It sounds really exciting to me, and it pays pretty good as far as I know. I am pretty good under stress so that isn't a problem...and I also have been around the ER enough to become familiar to a lot of it , hehe.
    Anyway, my question has to do with the fact that after typing in "emergency NP" in the search box on the website, only one school in Chicago appeared to offer the program. I am pretty sure there are many ER NPs out there who didn't receive their education in Chicago. Am I right or not?
    So how does one go about becoming an Emergency Nurse Practitioner? Is there even a program specifically for it besides the Chicago one? Or is it just based on experience?
    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this subject.
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  3. by   lever5
    Emergency rooms around here hire NP's without special training.
  4. by   dianacs
    They may also be known as Acute Care NPs.
  5. by   ERNurse752
    Texas has one...I believe it's at the University of Texas at Houston.
    The Chicago program is the only other ER NP program I know of.
    Acute Care NP is a little different. A lot of ERs where I live hire Family NP's.
    Something one of my nursing school instructors told me was that if you become a nurse practitioner, you should get something more general, like family NP...because if you get too specialized, it's hard to find a job.
    I've been a nurse for two years now (hard to believe!), and I'm planning on going back either this fall or the following spring to start working on my MSN. I'm a little torn between FNP and ACNP, but leaning more towards the FNP program.
    I'll check and see if I can get some links for you about the Texas program...
    Good luck!
  6. by   ERNurse752
    Here ya go!

    University of Texas at Houston School of Nursing webpage

    MSN programs

    Emergency programs
  7. by   CCL"Babe"
    I believe Widner University in Chester PA and the University of Delaware have advanced degrees in ER nursing.
  8. by   debbyed
    Our ER has started using both Family practice NP's and Pediatric NP's usually in the Fast tract area.