1. I recently just received a job offer within the ED to take the BKAT ED. I was just told about this and take it the 10th of July. Has anyone ever taken it? If so how would you suggest I study? Thanks!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Do you have ED experience? The BKAT (ED version) is really basic ED knowledge. I took it in 2008 as part of an ED fellowship.

    Edited to add: I have moved your post to the Emergency Nursing forum to ensure maximum responses.
  4. by   TUBSNRN21
    Thank you so much! I am a new grad and I did my senior preceptorship in an ED. I will be taking this as part of an ED fellowship as well!
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from TUBSNRN21
    Thank you so much! I am a new grad and I did my senior preceptorship in an ED. I will be taking this as part of an ED fellowship as well!
    Sounds like they are doing it as a baseline. I wouldn't sweat it too much! We had to do ours as an exit exam from the fellowship.
  6. by   haveMERCY RN, BSN

    I have to take this exam for NYP Columbia and I'm new going into the ED. I'm not asking for answers, but can you recommend any books to get me prepared for the exam? I know its not supposed to be used as a weeding out tool, but unfortunately my offer is contingent on passing this and two other exams.

    thank you in advance!
  7. by   TUBSNRN21
    Hi! I took it for NYP Cornell, so I understand that they are using it as a weeding out tool . The BKAT was an 85 question paper test with basic emergency concepts. I did not use any book to prepare I just reviewed some notes I had from my preceptorship in the ED. I passed on the first time as well as the Advanced Cardiac dysrythmias and the basic pharm exam. However, don't sweat it too much because they give you two chances to get an 80% on all 3 exams. Good luck, and congrats!
  8. by   haveMERCY RN, BSN
    Thank you so much for responding!

    Any books to recommend? Or should the RN.com emergency study guide suffice? Are there dysrhythmias on the BKAT as well?
  9. by   TUBSNRN21
    No, I didn't use any book just looked at the RN.com emergency study guide. There are a few dysrhythmias on the BKAT from what I can remember they recognizable ones like VFib and heart block.
  10. by   haveMERCY RN, BSN
    Thank you so much! Sorry for such a delayed response. I've been preparing these past couple of days.

    I'll keep you posted!
  11. by   haveMERCY RN, BSN

    Took all three this morning. Pharmacology was the only exam that counted. Dysrhythmias and BKAT were just to assess where your knowledge was at for orientation. They do not use them to weed out.

    Glad that's over and done with. Now I'm ready to start work in the ED!

  12. by   Tab11
    I have an question.. whats the RN.com emergency study guide?
    Is it 'Emergency Department (ED) Nursing Knowledge Assessment Exam:
    Study Guide 2013'?
    Thank you.
  13. by   haveMERCY RN, BSN
    Yes it is. It's listed under all of the study guides posted by RN.com