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  1. Has anyone done the BCLS course online? I was looking at "CPRToday"on the web. Is this even excepted by hospitals? I am living in Germany (husband stationed here for another 15 months) and don't have anywhere to renew my BCLS or ACLS. Red Cross only does basic CPR.
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  3. by   EDValerieRN
    I think BCLS is the same thing as CPR for Healthcare workers, and I know Red cross does that course (at least in the states). My husband is a football coach and had to have CPR- he took an online version and it was awful. I would be wary of anything that didn't give you hands on practice. After all, how are you going to learn chest compresssions if you don't have a chest to compress?
  4. by   BAndersonRN
    American Heart does offer CPR for the healthcare provider online. Its a great option if you don't have all day to sit through a class since you can take it on your own time. You do however, after taking the online class and written exam, have to have your skills checked off by an american heart assoc. instructor... I think you have up to 30 days after taking the online portion to have your skills verified...

    go to http://www.americanheart.org to check it out...
    hope this helps...
    more specifically http://www.americanheart.org/present...tifier=3019205
    its actually a BCLS for healthcare providers renewal.. you can also renew your ACLS online too....
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  5. by   suzanne4
    The key for the people out of the US is that they need to do a hands-on check off with a human, that is certiifed as an instructor by the AHA to get their actual card. You cannot do the course 100% on the computer and have it accepted.

    Best bet is to just renew it when you come to the US. It is not much of a deal, only two days for the ACLS instead of just one recert day. BCLS has just come out with all of the new standards.

    For Germany, you can try contacting the military base hospital educators, or the ambulance service for the base. They may have a suggestion for you, or let you join in to their program. They should have approved instructors for their programs.
  6. by   crosstanya
    Thanks for all the good advice. I am not an employee of the military hospital and as a contractor they wouldn’t allow me to do my BLS or ACLS with them. However, I did get it done at the Red Cross. The instructor that does the CPR PRO was in the building doing some personal stuff and I was lucky enough to explain my situation to him. He had some free time and I got to do my recertification. This after being on the waiting list for 4 months. Hopefully now I should be good until I get back in the US.