An eye question for ER nurses (or anyone) - page 2

Hi, I am not an ER nurse, but I have a few questions... I'm a NICU nurse, so this is waayyy out of my knowledge base. My mom has been having a problem with one of her eyes. She saw some flashes... Read More

  1. by   prn nurse
    I disagree. The webbing and when she stares at something to confirm she is actually seeing something are the differentiating symptoms .

    She needs to be seen by a neurologist. She needs an MRI of the brain.

    There are opthamologists who also have a neurology sub-specialty. And ofe of those would refer her for a neurology workup.

    If she loses sight in one eye, tell her not to freak. It will come back.

    Is the webbing more accurately described as geometric lines, (which is what a web is?) and the central field of vision is obscured with the web part around the central dark part?
  2. by   KRVRN
    PRN Nurse

    She didn't describe the webbing as geometric lines, more random-wavy-ish. She does also have a follow-up with an ophtho-neurologist in 2 weeks. And another ophthamologist appt is 6 weeks.