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I'm a newer nurse in ED. I love my job so much. So far I have a high tolerance for BS... however, there's something that really bothers me and I need advice on what to say to the patient without... Read More

  1. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Quote from sapphire18
    This is why I love my intubated/sedated/unconscious patients
    Yep me too sicu land, 1 visitor at a time, no extras, and if you give me cr@p I am the house sup. and I wont hesitate to have your rear end tossed out.
  2. by   outrunningzombies
    I'm pretty sure someone already said this, but in case they haven't...

    "We only provide trays for admitted patients."

    No sorry, no excuses, just that, repeated as necessary. Technically we really only provide trays for admitted patients, though I do my best to get trays for anyone who can eat. If I don't have a tray and they can eat, I suggest visiting our cafeteria.

    If I have extra trays and a patient who I don't want to feed is insistent upon eating, "You cannot eat until the doctor sees you/we finish with your tests. We need to make sure eating won't make you sicker."

    I have a ton of patients who I can't give food to (abdominal pain 10/10, nausea x a million days, etc) who whine about how they haven't eaten in days. I'm still new enough to be bothered by it but I find that repeating myself without embellishment, like "I'm so sorry!" works well.
  3. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Also as said before after everything you say and every winey complaint just say well bless your heart. Then add for the visitors purpose add well there is a Mc.d's down the street that has a very affordable dollar menu, and say this is where us nurses go for dinner because we are poor also. LolRod Rn