12 Lead ECG in CEN - page 2

I am thinking about taking the CEN soon and it seems that the only trouble I am having is the questions regarding the 12 lead ECG. Anyone have any advice on how to better prepare for this, or is... Read More

  1. by   GilaRRT
    I still think the emphasis should be on V4R. By it's self, V4R is about 90% specific and sensitive to the detection of RVI. While a complete right sided ECG is good, V4R is the priority.

    While associating RVI with IWMI is good, we must emphasize RVI is only present in 30-50% of IWMI cases, therefore, I still believe RVI is a very special condition.
  2. by   ACRN06
    Just FYI, to learn EKGs back and forth a great resource is "Rapid Interpretation of EKG's" by Dale Dubin, MD... I'm using that plus taking an EKG course