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Hi!! I am an ambulatory surgery center LPN/ORT and we, thankfully, never have codes, but if we did it would be very nerve racking trying to figure the dosages of the drugs in a hurry since we do not utilize our skills in this department. There is a new product being developed, which will be available within a month or two that will assist us in this task. It is a credit card sized calculator which will figure emergency drugs when the patient data is loaded into it. It was orginally designed for ER use, but we are getting one for our crash cart in our center. I am so excited about it (no, I am not a salesman for the company!) that I am telling all of my nurse friends about it. Since I don't want it to appear that I am selling this product or spamming this list, if you are interested in more information send me an email and I will give you the information.

Also, since I am in charge of central sterile supply in our center, I would be interested in two things: does anyone else still use expiration dates on wrapped/peel packed items in their hospitals/centers (if so what are your guidelines?), secondly, do you perform spore testing of autoclaves in house or off site?




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