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EMCC/Southwest Skills Center CNA Course


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I am a pre-nursing student at ASU and I am applying to the Summer 2010 BSN advancement cycle at ASU. However, this coming Spring semester will be a bit of a "grace" semester because I'll be finished with all of my pre-reqs in December, so I was thinking about doing a CNA course and hopefully getting on with a hospital.

Has anyone taken the CNA course at the Southwest Skills Center at Estrella Mountain Community College? I have been trying to get ahold of the nursing advisors there for the past week and I can't get ahold of them and they haven't called back yet! :cry: I'm getting a little exasperated at trying for this, but I've heard its a fairly good program and it's only about 4 miles from my house (which is a big plus for me).

Does anyone know anything about the requirements or anything for this program? They don't have hardly ANY information about it on their website and I'm not sure when I'll have time to go in person to try and get the information out of them. It's like pulling teeth, trying to get information from them! I really have no idea what I have to do in order to get in... like if there are any entrance tests or anything... :uhoh21:

Have you heard of any other good CNA schools in the West Valley? Or possibly in Central Phoenix?

Thank you in advance! Once(If) I hear back from them, I'll update the information here! :heartbeat

Have you heard anything from Estrella? I am trying to find a program on the west side too. Let me know!


Specializes in Medical/Surgical.


I'm so sorry! I was frustrated after I talked to Estrella so I forgot to respond here... haha.

Their next program starts January 25th. You have to take an assessment test before you can even apply, it is a "simple" reading and math test that is un-timed (I am unsure about a calculator, though, I forgot to ask), and you have to get above a 74 on the reading and above a 35 (or somewhere in the 30's) for the math. The adviser I talked to didn't know any of the specifics about the test, like what we should know in the math or reading section, so she wasn't much help. But, she did say that you can just walk right in and take the test, no appointments, and if you got a good enough score, they'll give you the registration packet right after the test.

She did say that the program fills fast, so she suggested that I started everything soon.

I hope this helps, and good luck! I've pretty much given up on my search for a CNA class on the west side. There are a couple, like Trendsetters CNA Academy in Youngtown, but I haven't been able to get ahold of them, either. My problem is that I have a bit of a time line I'm trying to work around and I need a program that starts like RIGHT after New Years, or it will have to be less than four weeks long, or else there would be no point for me to do the program. That's why Estrella's program won't work because they start too late for the time line I'm trying to work around. :sniff:

I hope you have better luck!!

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Thanks for the info, that might work out good for me. If I find anything else for you I will let you know! Good luck!