Elmhurst College, North Park, or Resurrection University


Hi everyone! The schools listed in the title (Elmhurst College, North Park, or Resurrection University) are all schools that I am considering applying to in order to earn my BSN. Has anyone attended any of these schools? How did you like it? What was the quality of the program? Were you successful in finding a job after graduation?

Thanks for any input!


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I am also looking into Elmhurst College, just as a back up to the BSN program that I am currently in. I applied for the heck of it as an incoming junior transfer. Just need to send in my transcripts. Fingers crossed :) Hope someone responds so we both get the info we need!

I am attending Resu starting this fall. I chose it for several reasons, including proximity to my home, very high NCLEX pass rate for the past 8 quarters (currently 96%), accelerated format (16 months and done!), a possibility of loan forgiveness with job placement after graduation, an automatic tuition reduction for maintaining a 3.5 or higher, one flat tuition rate for 12 credit hours and higher, and above all else, I liked what I saw and what I heard at the open house. it just felt right for me. I highly suggest going to the open house for each school you are interested in.

Another thing I have liked so far is that everything has been very organized and spelled out. From pre-reqs to immunizations to due dates and deadlines, there have been no gray areas or confusion either during my application process or since being accepted. Can't say the same for some other programs in the city (read the city colleges thread for some really eye-opening chaos, yikes).

Do you have any aspects that you are specifically weighing against each other in terms of the programs?