Has anyone here done this program? I'd love any thoughts or information either here or in a PM! Thanks!


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HI Kate!

I have not done their nursing program but i have worked as a angency ICU/Er nurse at ellis before and i have to say my experiences there have been all positive :) I will say though stay away from HVCC they do not have a good reputation for their program



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Really? I have never heard that on HVCC -- I was a PCA at Albany Med with a lot of HVCC nurses. I've been out of the medical loop for a while now. I am applying to Ellis/SCCC program b/c they offer a real night/weekend program and that's what I need with my full time job. What other local programs would you recommend with your experience?

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My step-mom was a cardiac pt. at Ellis and was very pleased with the care she had.She did say the nurses were stretched thin, 12/1 but that might have been a team of 12 pts. to one team?

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