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Hi there, I've only just joined, and was wondering if anyone can give some advice and suggestions. I'm doing my degree in Cardiff at the mo (3rd Year), and I have to do a 4 week elective next year. I have to "gain knowledge and understanding of health and nursing care in a different/foreign culture, and to compare this with the provision of health and nursing care in the UK". I really want to go to Ireland, so was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions as to what I can do? I am willing to try out anything new, the more different and unusual the better!! Would be most grateful for any suggestions Thanks!! :0) xxx


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Hi and welcome. The closest I've been to Ireland is to visit the UK 2x. Oh and a great-great-great-grandfather was an O'Dowd....

But if a USA nurse would work I'd be more than willing.

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