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us sen. arlen specter, recently endorsed by the pa state nurses assn, wins fifth term

republican u.s. sen. arlen specter outlasted a democratic voter surge at the polls yesterday to win a fifth term and become pennsylvania's longest-serving senator. read entire article published by the philadelphia inquirer here.

rep. pat vance, recently endorsed by the pa state nurses assn, wins 31st district

the association has taken notice of rep. vance's consistent commitment to the nursing community over the past several years, and the pa state nurses assn feels rep vance, who is also a registered nurse, has a clear understanding of the needs within the healthcare profession.

schwartz bests brown in 13th district

schwartz's victory, by a wide margin, keeps the district, which includes northeast philadelphia and much of montgomery county, in democratic hands. it was being vacated by joseph m. hoeffel so he could make his ultimately unsuccessful challenge to u.s. sen. arlen specter.

read the rest of the article from the philadelphia inquirer by larry fish.

senator kukovich fails to keep seat in 39th district

pennsylvania senate: senator kukovich, recently awarded the john heinz friend of nursing, by the pa state nurses lost the race for westmoreland to republican challenger bob regola.

democrat allen kukovich, a fixture in harrisburg for the past 27 years, was headed for a loss last night in a hard-fought race for pennsylvania's 9th district senate seat in westmoreland county.

read article by post gazette here.

senator jack wagner, recently endorsed by pa state nurses, wins bid for auditor general

democrat jack wagner, pittsburgh's 10-year veteran of the state senate, beat republican joe peters in his bid to replace robert p. casey jr. as pennsylvania's next auditor general.

read article published by post gazette here.

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