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I applied to El Centro for the Spring 2011 class. Did anyone else?

I did -- just a waiting game at this point. I sure hope I get in!!! :) I put first choice @ El Centro, but I guess North Lake would be all right, too. At least in two years, I'd be a nurse... hopefully!:lol2:

Hi Brooxanne!

I put El Centro as my first choice too! If I get in I will take the train.

How many points do you have. I calculated my points to be 14. I am a little worried because I know the cutoff last sememster was 14; and I know it gets more competitive every semester.

Do you know if Northlake is less competitive? I hope I get in either way. :eek:

I think if I added it up right, i have 15. I'm nervous, too because I know that's right on the edge... eek! The point system freaks me out. :)

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I applied to North Lake as my first choice. I calculated 15 points. I am nervous!!

I applied for the Spring 2011 nursing program at ECC (or NLC). I am so excited about it! I can't wait until they mail the acceptance letters out! I've been so impatient/anxious ever since I turned my application in.... I just wanna know already!!!!

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Hey..are you guys talking about the generic program or the LVN-RN Bridge program?

Letters are supposed to be sent out tomorrow, so hopefully early part of next week, some of us will get news, be it good or bad.

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Well for LVN-RN Bridge they will be emailed tomorrow and then you have to call and find out when you have to do your 5 day skill check off and review. I am so nervous! geez

I am soooo eager to know. I really hope that I got in. I want to be a nurse soooo bad!!!! Good luck everyone :nurse:

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I am guessing since nobody really specifies that you are talking about the generic program. Either way Good luck to you all!

Hey RoMoFo! Yes, I am talking about the generic ADN program. I was going to respond to that the other day. But then my phone wasn't logged in and its slow - so I was like forget it!!! Then I forgot all about it.

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