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Hello All,

Does anyone know if there are hard and fast rules for the Hep B vaccine deadlines for the El Centro ADN program? School would be starting for me in January and my third injection wouldn't be complete until March. Do clinicals start at the beginning of the first semester? Because the information says the three shots must be complete before the student is allowed to attend a clinical rotation.

I am applying to the El Centro ADN program through the THR system. From what I can tell, they pretty much follow the same "rules" as the on-campus system when it comes to all of the application requirements (more, actually since all pre-req courses must be complete). But I can't find specific reference to the deadline for the Hep B vaccine. I emailed the contact & she said the first two must be complete before applying.

Does anyone out there have experience with this?! Has anyone been in my shoes with only two shots complete by the application deadline?

Thank you in advance! PinkDoe:confused:

Oops. Tried to edit my typo in the title. Wouldn't let me. Should be "Hep B" - obviously...

I am about to finish my second semester with THR/El Centro. If I recall we started clinical late February, maybe early March. You might check and see if they can give you your Hep B a few weeks early. Good luck. Hope you get in.


Thank you so much for your reply. At this point, I'm just biding my time to see if I'm accepted. As I'm sure you know, letters are supposed to go out by Dec. 1st. - 2 days! I feel I am a strong applicant with only one 'B' (a B+ in A&P from UTD, even though they don't consider +/-) and over a 95 on each portion of the HESI. But, you never know...

How do you like the program so far? Is it one day a week (Wed?)? Are you working at the hospital full-time in addition to classes?

If I don't get into this program, I will apply for the UTA AP-BSN program. I already have a prior Bachelor's (BFA) so I was initially hoping I could get my ADN & then go on to my MSN/NP through TWU, Baylor, or another that allows ADN to MSN with a prior Bachelor's degree.

I am also trying to get a job at the hospital (Presbyterian). I am currently a volunteer and am the first volunteer to apply to the THR/El Centro program. The hospital just (in Oct.) changed the job description for PCTs to require a CNA - which I don't have. I've been debating whether or not I should get my CNA & work as a PCT to gain clinical experience or whether I should try and get a clerical job and not spend the extra money for a CNA...

Really just waiting to see where the chips fall and I'll go from there... Any advice or insight you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again! :)

Pink Doe,

I am finishing up my second semester. The program is ok, just unorganized. The best thing is that it is paid for and you are guaranteed a job when you graduate. It would be great to get any position at THR. After the first semester you are able to apply as a PCT. I would save your money and not do the CNA. I also have a BS degree and am looking at the MSN/FNP program at TWU. The UTA program is great if you don't have to work. I am a single parent and my son is a junior at UTA. Good luck. I hope you get accepted.

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