El Camino Torrance vs. ECC Compton

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Hi everyone I am finally done with all my sciences and pre-reqs, so I need to soon apply for the nursing program thats starting in the Fall of 2013. I need advise from any current or past nusring students that have attended either Torrance or Compton campus. I have attended both campuses for my sciences and have enjoyed Compton more than Torrance. However, Torrance is closer to me.

Ive heard that the teachers for the nursing program in the Torrance campus are not very helpful, nice, approachable & that they really dont care about the success of the students. As in Compton Ive heard that the program is not as good and that is why the NCLEX results are so low. Please help me decide which campus to pick as my 1st choice. I am so nervous to pick the wrong one and lose my chances of a better future. If you can include asmuch info as possible, Thank you to all


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I chose Compton as my first choice since I completed my pre reqs there. Honestly from what I've heard both are good so I don't think you can make a wrong choice