EKU PMHNP opinions?


Has anyone went to this school for their psych or family NP? Its 100% online but seems pretty reputable with high board pass rates and lengthy clinical hours. I would love to hear some of your experiences or opinions.


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I would not do it.  I recently received my PMHNP.  It is just another cluster @!&k of nursing with the burnout rate just as high.  The $$$ promised is not there. The market place is becoming utterly saturated with new grads with no where to go for viable, stable employment.  Silicon Valley has jumped into the game (Cerebral for one, look at the employee reviews on glassdoor) and is turning mental health into McDonalds with NPs dispensing pills only.   Unless you already are a mental health nurse and are passionate about mental health, the burn and churn can be exhausting. I have only done psych and I love it, but the reward to risk is tilted in favor of this was a bad decision to obtain my NP.  I mean to be realistic in this reply, know what you are getting yourself into.  If you have a job already lined up and they are just waiting for you to graduate, then go for it.