Effective way to get a CNA Job?


ok , i was wonderng if anyone could give me some Practical advice as I search for a CNA job.

I am certified CNA. No experience,,,but have spent the last year helping take care of elderly family member with COPD.

I would like to get my feet wet in a nursing home.

I have sent a couple of letters of interest out to nursing homes and have not even recieved a call.

So I guess I am wondering ,,,does a person have to be super agressive and call and viist in person to just try and get a interview?

What is best way to sell myself? Also, should I really try to talk to the Director of Nursing? or jsut stick with Human Resources?

Thanks in advance!

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Well, for one thing, I would certainly get a letter of recommendation from the person or family with COPD. If they have a different last name from you, there is no reason why you have to mention that is a family member. I would also forward a letter to the DON, in fact, I think you should call the specific facility and as for the name of the person so that you can send it directly to the person by name. It looks good when they see that you cared enough to have researched about the place. Maybe see if they have volunteers there. I think that you can be blunt and say to them that you are searching for CNA experience and that you would like to give a day or two a week. I do think that visiting is better than just calls. Or, see if you can make an appointment with the DON or nursing administrator there.

You do have to be a bit aggressive at times. Good luck and keep us posted!!


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Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!


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I agree with Pangandeva I would go to the facilities you're interested in and ask to speak with the DON or assisstant DON directly, and just talk to them, I think it would be alot better than sending a letter. I think a face to face meeting would make a greater impression on the DON than a faceless letter.

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