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I have been wondering about what could happen if an EEG is done improperly. I had one done about 7 years ago to see if I had an underlying problem that caused depression. I was lying there on the table and the medical personell were hooking me up to the electrodes. I heard one of them say, " this one is not working, let's override it" I had a bad headache after it was all over with. I told one of the nurses and she said, " you should'nt feel anything." I still have the headaches occassionally. They are on the right side of my head. Could I have some damage from this?:eek:

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EEGs simply monitor the activity of the brain through electrodes placed on the head. It is not an evasive procedure. It is a monitoring tool. Kind of like an EKG of the heart. You don't feel anything. They don't "do" anything to you, other than place those electrodes.

One of the wires/electrodes probably wasn't working, but they were able to still get a good picture regardless.

What you experienced might have been a tension headache. You might have subconsciously tensed up a particular part of your scalp or neck/shoulder area.

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Have you ever been treated for headaches by a physician? Could be tension, migraine, cluster, related to depression, or any number of things.

An EEG, like the above poster said, is only a monitoring tool, so would not be the cause of any adverse effects.

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