Educational audit on preceptorship



I am interested in views relating to putting together an educational audit on Preceptorship in the workplace.

I am looking at methods of improving overall processes for nursing students, patients and the workplace.

Any viewpoints and suggestions appreciated

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I am confused by your terminology. Audits usually refer to evaluation of an existing process but this sounds like you want to conduct a review of industry best practices - right? If so, I would suggest that you begin with a literature search. This topic is one of the most widely researched areas of nursing education, so you will find an enormous amount of information. I would also recommend that you restrict your investigation to a specific aspect such as such as New Grads otherwise you will be overwhelmed with too much information.

Good luck on your investigation.

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I agree with previous post 100%

One thing I found helpful was to create a little pre test/post test for new grads to take when they hired and again one year later. I created the questions from a lit search on what research has shown regarding new grad complaints. I added some things that were specific to our facility and what the preceptors included. AMAZING what the stats showed a year later. I got the one year nurses together, went over the pre/post scores and talked about how our perceptions have changed in time. I also was careful to get their ideas on what new grads should be taught to expect. Don't ask me for that test as I had to leave it with my old employer (it was "theirs" since I created it on their time). But you get the idea.

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