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Education requirement

Rahvin Rahvin (New) New

First of let me congratulate you with a very fine forum. And appologise if this information is in here somewhere. But i have been going trough multiple threads and cannot find the information i need.

This is a post i am making on behalf of a nurse friend here in China.

From the information i have gathered most states no longer require the CGFNS certification to be able to sit for your NCLEX. Which is a very good thing.

One thing i cannot seem to find out is if you are required to have a separate highschool degree or GED from your nursing education.if you want to work as an RN in the states

"My Nursing education was a combined education program so i do not have a separate high school level certificate or diploma. after the combined program i went on and studied 4 years and got my BSN here in china. I have been working as a licenced Nurse/Nurse practitioner in China for almost 10 years now"

For the CGFNS certification you need the following ( quoted from the CGFNS manual )

Do You Meet the Educational Requirements?

CGFNS requires evidence that you have:

* successfully completed a secondary school education that is separate from your nursing education

* .....

* .....

* .....

* If you have not completed a secondary school education that is separate from your nursing education, you can meet the

CGFNS pre-professional education requirement by obtaining a General Education Development (GED) Diploma, an

equivalency diploma recognized in the United States.

Is this the "completed a secondary school education that is separate from your nursing education" just a requirement of the CGFNS or do the local state BON also require you to have the same If you want to take the NCLEX-RN and work as a RN in the states. The BON sites i looked at where not clear on this matter.

Seems like a waste of money to have a CES done if she needs to get her GED first.

I hope someone can help me with this.

The best bet is to submit to CGFNS and have them make a ruling. Once they do, that is the only time that you need to go thru that.

The issue has been in the past when the nurse attended nursing school in place of high school, and that is done in some countries.

Taking the GED, if required, is the easiest thing to do, especially since she has already graduated from college. But again, let CGFNS make the ruling.

Please read the Primer at the top of the page for the steps that need to be completed.

Let me know if there are any more questions............:wink2:

Thank you for your reply suzanne4. Yes i have read the sticky post and many other posts in this forum. Devouring the information. I commend you on the time and effort you put into this forum.

I'm just trying to gleem what the local BON requirements are for a RN.

Many BON's post on their website that the applicant has to have a completed Nurses education. Up till now and by the best of my knowledge i have not found one that literally states that you must have a separate secondary education.

CGFNS seems to require it for their certificate. These days most states do not require you to have the CGFNS certification anymore only having your credentials checked by a trusted party and passing the NCLEX.

Now there is the kicker which i cant seem to find an answer too.

Do the BONs require that separate secondary education ( highschool/GED )

Or was this something specific to the CGFNS.

The specific question is: Do the BONs require a separate secondary education in the usa known as highschool or your GED. Or should ( in theory ) a combined nurses education and a subsquent BSN. be enough (provided that the credentials are up to USA standard, ofcourse)

The issue is that CGFNS is involved, a Visa Screen Certificate is required for immigration and that is done by CGFNS.

With an actual BSN, then they nurse has a better chance of getting it approved for work in the US. Best bet is for them to submit an application and see what is said. If they require the GED, it can be done very quickly.

China handles things differently than many countries, and there are also quite a few Chinese nurses in the US, and they got thru it. Best bet is to try.

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