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Hi everyone! I am so happy to find a site like this for all nurses and nurse hopefuls! I am having an education dillema & any advice would be very much appreciated!

I am in college currently enrolled & close to finishing my AS in Business Administration. I have realized that business bores me and that is how I found nursing! I could currently use my electives to fulfill my pre-reqs for the nursing program at my college and have my AS Business Sp' 05 and hopefully start the nursing program Fall '05 with only A&P and the NUR courses to finish my Nursing degree...or....I could walk away from the business degree all together and enroll in another college for my pre-reqs and possibly start the nursing program in the fall '04.

My question is...will the business degree do anything for me in nursing? Or am I better off just going for the nursing so they don't fill up on me and I have to wait?

Thank you so much for any opinions. I have so much respect for this profession & all you do. I am so honored and excited to become a part of it!


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They have MSN/MBA programs. I suggest you apply to a senior institution and apply for a BSN program. It might take an extra year, it will be a year well spent. You have finished the first 2 years, and your credits should transfer.


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Thank you so much!! I had never thought of that! I am going to look into that ASAP! I appreciate your help! Thank you again!

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