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I need a staffing formula for the ED. Does anyone have any information and/or research to substantiate that data? We're a small operation with about 6000 visits this year.


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Where I work - they have one of the best "formulas". There are 2-day shift "teams"; and 2-night shift teams (you work on a team - with the same people). Each shift is 12hrs. We work two days on and two days off (in a row)- except,on the weekends you do fri, sat, sun. then two days off and two days on; then be off fri, sat, sun. Every other week you get a 3 day weekend. Its great, because I can look at next years calendar and tell exactly what days I will be scheduled for.. ..We work in "teams" because there is a sense of loyalty to your co-workers and people dont call in as much because they're gonna have to face the other team members. Also, we all know each others strengths and weaknesses..When theres a CODE, we all know exactly what role to take. I Love It. :rotfl:

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