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hi- i'm new here. great place! ya'll are sassy.;)

i have been an ED nurse for 12 years & have been working as an FNP for 2 years in urgent care. i just got offered an FNP job in the fast track of the ED i worked at as an RN for 7 years (prior to my FNP). i couldn't be more thrilled- it's an excellent ED- the docs & staff are top-notch.

my question is this: do any of you work with midlevels now that were once your peer in the ER (or vice-versa)? have there been any "issues" regarding the role transition? i think my crew is going to be wonderful- but i am curious if any of you have been on either side of this equation & have any words of wisdom/observations to offer.


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When I was a full time paramedic I had a student who went on to become a Phyiscian's Assistant. He now works in the same ED where I work as a nurse. It's small world. And we get along like grand old chums. I love working with him. He's a great PA! Always knew he was a bright guy.


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i haven't work w/ any who transitioned....but i would hope and think that they would be thrilled to have someone who knew the system, the flow, and their names!!! good luck!

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I went from being the ER charge RN to being an ER case manager and haven't had any problems. Still love it!

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thanks ya'll. i am really excited about my new opportunity- and i think it will be a huge advantage that i 'know the system'.

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