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Just wanted to find out if anyone was choosing to do EC's Packaged Pricing Option that goes into effect today, July 1st? Just wanted to call EC to clarify a few things. It states on their website in fine print that "students are limited to four exam and four practice exams registrations at one time." Does this mean that a student can only take the four nursing exams in yr 1 and the other 4 in yr 2? or Does this mean that one can complete all 8 nursing exams in one yr but can't register for more than 4 at one time? TIA for your replies.


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I called and asked about it for a friend. From what I understand, you have to finish all your nursing test within 1yr or you will be subjected to pay another 1500 for the second yr. The 1 yr price of $1550 includes the 4 nursing test and practice test, enrollement fee and graduation fee and they need to be done within the 1yr. If you finish the 4 test then the other 4 test will cost $235 each. Just remember that this option will not save you any money unless your motivated and can finish the 8 theory exams in 1 yr. If you have to take other general ed exams then I don't think this option will be benefical until you have completed all your general eds. The advisor emphasized on the phone that this option is good and rewards people that can complete the nursing theory test in one yr.


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Thank you so much, NC Girl RN. I called this a.m. and the gentleman said that I can complete the 8 exams in 1 yr. I thought I could only take 4 tests a yr. The only gen ed course I have to take is Information Literacy, which I found out from allnurses, that I can take it through Penn Foster. It's MUCH cheaper.

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