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Hey, everyone! I'm hoping I can gain the attention of a past or current ECPI student. I've read all the negative reviews and have my own opinion of it all, but what I want to know is, has anyone found a job upon graduating? Have you or are you going to bridge to an ADN or BSN? I know the credits may possibly not transfer and I'm looking into Excelsior to bridge. I've already read the negativity, but I want actual feedback. I'm choosing ECPI for the LPN program because it's what works for ME. I work days, can't afford to not work and pay my bills. What are the hours for the evening program? Can someone please give me feedback!! I only see older posts. Thanks!!

If you have lots of money to flush down the toilet and not have a job, go for it.

I would look into what accreditation is and what it means for landing a job post graduation. Research it. And not what their "website" tells you.

Thanks! Did you go there?

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