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Wow, okay, so I am learning that there are almost NO jobs for new grads. Currently, I attend I private university with a good reputation for the nursing program. Once I graduate I will be in roughly $40K in debt and have my BSN. My question is, is all that really worth it? There is a CC here that would take the same amount of time and I would have no debt (well, the 16K I have already accumulated) and an ADN. I want to eventually become a nurse midwife with a DNP but is $40K really worth doing with the chance I may not get a job?

There are jobs. It depends on how much efforts, flexible, and lucky you are.

For a new/old grad rn with please tell me where?????????b/c when I am not working I am searching for a rn job.....

I am extremely ambitious so I know I will make the effort. I'm just worried because it seems like there are so many new grads who say they have put out over 100 applications. Also, I am an army wife so I will be moving from state to state every few years and that will be apparent in the interview.

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