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so, can anyone tell me when all the requirements for graduation would have to be met in order to participate in the big formal affair in july? i've read that it takes a few weeks for them to process all of your information to become up to date and technically you graduate...but what if i wanna go to ny for the ceremony itself?

Lord, I have no idea. I was just glad to get the diploma and ATT.


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haha! sue, you're so funny! i don't think financially it's even a realistic goal, i'm pretty sure that i'll be passing my cpne sometime pretty close to grad...but it never hurts to dream! maybe some rich doc that i work with now will fund my trip because i'll make such a great rn addition to our already wonderful team of people at our hospital. oh, sorry, got carried away for a minute!


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it is in the Excelsior College Magazine I just received....i was interested in knowing too, so I can plan when I need to finish my CPNE Date by....CPNE must be completed by Apr 30 2010 to be able to attend Commencment, conferral date of June 18 2010.... this helps