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EC CPNE: Mosby's guide

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Hello current and past CPNE testers,

I have a question about the Mosby's book for CPNE: did any of you place color tags on pages or highlight any areas of the Mosby book to make it easier under stress? Could anyone share their system with what made it easier for you to look up in the Mosby's during your stressfull weekend or for those preparing, what system you preparing?

It was suggested to me to tag the book before the CPNE.

I know I saw that we can tag and highlight but can not write in the book itself. You can write on the color tags though, right?

Thanks for any input

Good luck for those testing soon. :D

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I color tabbed the most impt ones. To tell you the truth, I was so nervous that I didn't even use the color tabs- I could no longer remember that blue was for breathing issues or green was for falls ect.. I KNEW what the colors meant when I came up with my color coding system but that went right out the window. Also, my pt's didn't seem to fit the standard ones so I was thankful I had done MANY careplans in the weeks before.

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