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EC Content Guides and Study Materials - I feel so stupid, but have some advice.


Okay so, I've spent so much time trying to figure out the best materials/ways to study for the NC exams. Every time i looked at he content guide, I would always just look at the % of each area on the exam, and sometimes the sample q&a's. I have NEVER looked at the outlines until recently. When looking at that I discovered the BEST way to study for the exams!

Does it sound like I'm a fake testimonial trying to sell ya'll something?

Anyway, back to business. this is what I have done:

-Read the outlines , and put a box (in some colored marker) around the things that are what they are and really don't need further information/investigation/clarification. For example in NC1 in my opinion almost everything in the Nursing Process section, is fully explained. It is what it is, except for maybe Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

- For things that do need greater explanation use the internet (I have found ASK to be the best search engine for this task, Google gets off track) (or a textbook if you prefer), to research that item, then HANDWRITE, a note for that particular item, and move on to the next.

-Anything you don't really get while writing it down, highlight it or put an asterisk by it.

-When you have completed a section, first go over the things that you didn't get, and look for more explanation if need be. Then go over the things that you "boxed" in the outline. Lastly, go over your handwritten notes.

- Now, it may get tricky b/c you need to find a way to test yourself. You could do flashcards, or find other nursing school websites that have "self tests) on similar subject matter. Or, you could just move on, until you've done all the sections, and take the EC Practice Exam.

-When you've completed all of the sections, go over anything that you don't feel comfy with, and skim over everything else. Take a practice exam, find your weak spots, beef up, take it again. Then take the real thing. If you feel like you've got it down pat I guess you can skip the practice exams, if you want.

* Handwrite (don't copy and paste) because you will retain more.

* Warning - I haven't seen this through to the end (haven't taken an exam yet), so buyer beware, and what works for some may not work for others.


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That does make sense, when studying I always seem to retain more info by handwriting it. Somehow it just "sticks" better.

Now back in the day when I did my LPN, personal computers weren't around yet (yea I am a dinasour!) so I wonder if I would retain as much material by typing rather than handwriting. I would rather type than write any day.

Thanks for the advice!


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