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Hopefully looking for direction on this task. Currently the whole wgu resources/education piece is down for the weekend (of course the weekend i have off to work on this). The task is quite extensive and overwhelming for me at this point. Looking for ideas related to nursing topics and where to find peer reviewed articles to do the following: Evaluate a primary quantitative research peer-reviewed journal article (suggested length of 3–5 pages) that has healthcare implications


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The EBP paper is what kept me from graduating in one term. They call it The Beast for a reason. It took me two months to complete it when everything else I had done in 1-2 weeks. Really the only advice I can give is to just try to do one section each time you sit down to study. I had to really break it down and do one small piece at a time. It is a huge, overwhelming task otherwise. But you will get it done and it will feel good to pass it! Good luck!

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CAL YOUR COURSE MENTOR! Seriously- go to the source.

And the outage is only a couple of middle of the night hours for TaskStream. Everything else is up and available.