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I just watch the new video by the CDC and Medscape on how to use PE for caring for an ebola pt. IT IS FULL OF FAULTS! The nurse contaminates herself in multiple places. Do not follow this video!!!!!! She is told to reach over her head to remove a hood. The hood should close with velcro in the front, instead it is solid and they have her pull it over her head to remove. Face, neck, hair contamination! She removes her booties and steps down into the same area she was just sanding. Contaminated shoes! Booties should be removed LAST as one foot at a time is placed in the CLEAN area. She reaches around to untie gown, contaminated inner gloves and anywhere her arms/shoulder brushed as she turned on her own body! We should have jumpsuits not gowns that allow for contamination from underneath.

I was a nuclear worker before becoming a nurse. I donned PE equipment everyday for years and I am telling you all that this video is NOT TEACHING CORRECT PE EQUIPMENT USAGE!!

If you are given this equipment and instructed to follow this video to care for a pt with Ebola or other highly infectious disease REFUSE!! You will be putting yourself, coworkers, other patients, and your family at risk!


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Could you post the source for this video?