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Here I am again. Can someone give me an advice on EB3 (Philippines). I would like to know more about it. What are your thoughts in the latest visa bulletin? This is the case, I am a foreign RN. With at least 3 years hospital experience . NCLEX Passer (Illinois), with IELTS. But I still don't have a visa screen and no Priority Date yet. I emailed a lawyer and asked for advice as well whether I should go after an EB2 vs. EB3. He said to me, you can go after the EB3 because according to him and based on what i saw from the latest visa bulletin, there was a significant jump of the Priority Dates within the span of few months this year. I am aware that in order to have a priority date, one must have an employer to secure it.

1.) Do you know any employers out there?

2.) I have to admit that working as a staff nurse here in my country has a very low salary. I was thinking since i already worked at a hospital for almost 3 years . Can it be counted as a working experience too if i work as a RN Clinical Auditor?

3.) Do you think the EB3 (Philippines) will be current by end of this year or 1st quarter of next year?

4.) Do you recommend I get a Visa Screen right now? (since the priority dates for the philippines has significantly progressed?)

5.) I need someone's honest advice or a mentor.


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ok. you have quite many questions right there but I'll try to answer them all.

1. I personally don't know any employer sponsoring for EB3 but you may try to look for at some job sites like workabroad. Growing numbers of US employer are hiring again these days since PDs are picking up again.

2. Since you don't have PD yet please stay employed in the hospital. I know salary offers in US insurance companies are very tempting but don't be deceived with it and the title that has 'clinical' on it. Although US has acknowledge the job as one of the nursing field what employers want when they hire new nurses to sponsor are the ones currently employed in acute setting.

3. Although there is no assurance that this sudden jump of PDs will continue in the following months or years don't make it a reason not to start with your American dream. You need to get started at least you'll have something to look forward to at the end of the day.

4. I strongly recommend to get your Visa Screen before your IELTS expires. IELTS result is only valid for 2 years. Start you Visa Screen application process maybe 8-6 months before your IETLS expires because the steps are quite lengthy. And once your VS is issued it will be valid for 5 years.

I hope these helps you.