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Easy low stress job vs. Challenging high stress one?


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Hi all,

S: I am an ADN (BA in psych) RN w/about 10 yrs of experience trying to make a decision about whether or not to move to the hospital.

b: Most of my experience has been in psych (outpatient, inpatient, health/wellness education for psych pop, case management); the past 1.5 yrs I have been in outpatient internal med/family med/urgent care/rheumatology. My job right now is M-F, 830-5, low stress, manager is great and hands off (I float).

I have always wanted to work in the ED but w/never using my acute care skills, I am nervous to go to this kind of a setting. Plus, it would be a big lifestyle change (although i like the idea of working 3 12s).

Although this may sound horrible, I am interested in the ED for the mental challenge, not the patient care aspect (although obviously I know I will be providing pt care). I know there is a big drug seeking population in the ED, and I have become pretty burnt out on that after working psych/detox for so long. I like that here I only see pts for 15min or so and then they move on. I feel like I'm already a bit jaded when it comes pts looking for drugs and being seen for things like toe pain x5 years, want abx for cold, etc.

A: I like my job right now, but I am often bored and although I am learning new things, I don't feel very challenged critical thinking wise most of the time. I also worry that the longer I wait to try to go to the hospital, the more difficulty it will be to get a job, since they are paying me the same as someone w 10 yrs med surg/ED exp.

R: Just wanted some feedback on the situation- not expecting anyone to solve my problems for me. Anyone who has been in a similar situation? I know that the grass is always greener...

Thx in advance

I never worked in the ER but I did work med/surg in the hospital for about 6 years. While working 3 12 hour shifts is nice, the worst part about hospital scheduling is weekends and holidays. In addition, there was always the waiting for the next shift to arrive to take over. If you're not concerned about scheduling then I feel there is probably a lot more drama, both from coworkers and above, when working in the hospital. That being said, if you feel that you are truly bored and unfulfilled in your current role then maybe consider working per diem in the ER before switching roles all together. Good luck in deciding your next move.


Specializes in Ambulatory Case Management, Clinic, Psychiatry. Has 13 years experience.

Tx vitamin c! Where do you work now?

I would love to do per diem but wouldntbe able to take off time for an orientation and doubt they'd hire me w no acute care exp.