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Easy (I hope!) question for travelers in RVs.

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How do you find a nice RV park before you head out to your assignment?

The game plan is to get a 5th wheel and save on our housing costs and setup costs (pet deposit, new groceries, etc..) at each place that way. We've heard great things about traveling like that, but obviously I can't take assignments until I know I'll have a place to park there!

What do you do?

Hey there Psychsurf, While I haven't travel-nursed yet, I have spent many vacations in the rv, and plan on traveling once my kids are out of the house. I would suggest that once you decide on a location to work, you can check out any number of web sites that review campgrounds (do a web search for "campground reviews"). The ones that I use include rvparkreviews.com, rvforums.com, and goodsam. They are all reviewed by fellow campers, so you usually get a pretty accurate idea of what the campground is like (warts and all). I would also guess that the trick to all of this is to find a decent campground that is within commuting distance of the facility that you'll be working at. Let us know how it works out for you!

Hi, I've been traveling for a year now, we sold everything and bought a Class A and pull a jeep. I contact my recruiter about 6-8 weeks before my contract ends and tell her where I want to go. Then we call local campgrounds to find out if they have any openings. If they do, my recruiter contacts the hospital and I interview, if we are agreeable to each other, we make reservations for 13 weeks. The hardest places to find openings were Ft. Myers in Jan and Seattle in June, where I will start a new contract next week. Usually you have a few days to a week before you sign a contract and during that time you can find a place to stay. If you can't find any openings then don't sign the contract find another place to go to.

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Contact the local chamber of commerce, search the internet, ask the hospital person that interviews, ask your company of past or current travelers that worked in that area for suggestions, and google search the area. We were able to locate 2 campgrounds on the net, chose the one closer that was within walking distance or bike riding when schedules conflicted.

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hello, I've done 2 assignments this way, RV traveling. It is better than being in any apt complex. Just a suggestion, what we did was my hubby wanted something to do also. We signed up for Workamper.com, he was able to work for a campground, usually 16-24 hours a week in exchange for site, (housing allowance IN MY pocket) There are many opportunities this way. If he isn't going to work we decide on a general location (state) see whats available and then hit the internet, campground books and find something we like. The best thing about wheels is you can move if you dont like it, hard to find another apt. We also travel with a dog and this makes life so much easier. WE have met so many nice people in the campground/RV setting that we still keep in contact with. You kinda double your "meeting people" not only coworkers byt co RV'ers. It is a great lifestyle and we will be doing it again soon. Let me know if I can help at all.

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