Eastern Suffolk Boces LPN 2022-2023

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Hello! I haven’t seen any recent posts about ESB so I wanted to see if anyone has applied? Taken the TEAS? Gotten accepted? I received my email today that I passed my TEAS and now I have to gather my documents and schedule my interview. Does anyone have any information of the interview process and the start date for the full time and part time programs?


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First, congratulations! I don't really remember the exact questions I was asked. I think she asked me why I wanted to be in the program and where I see myself in x amount of years. I just remember standard interview questions. I did the part-time program which started in September. Assuming that it's run the same way as it was when I attended, from September to June (or May? I forgot) the program is part-time. In the following September, both part-time evening classes combined for Med-Surge AND IS NOW CONSIDERED FULL-TIME. I believe after Med-Surge we were mixed in with the students that just graduated from high school. 

If you can, go for the full-time program. Just know that it's going to be more rigorous.