Eastern Suffolk Boces Entrance Exam


Hi everyone! I am registered to take the entrance exam at Eastern Suffolk Boces on March 21st. I have been studying with a few practice websites I found, but I am still really nervous and unsure about the test. Especially math! Is there anyone out there that has taken this text or the prep course that could offer some advice or even example problems that might be similar to the test? I would really appreciate any help at all!

Also, on a side note, I live in queens and will be driving to Central Islip if I get accepted into the program. Does anyone else attending this school travel over an hour? Is that realistic for this type of program?


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I just took the test and was accepted into the program. Math is hard if you aren't good at it and I'm not. Word problems, decimals, percents, and fractions are what I focused on and mainly what my test was. Is it the compass exam? If so google compass practice tests and lots of stuff will come up to study. Good luck.


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I'm scheduled to take my test in the beginning of April! I'm so nervous it's beyond words! Especially since I'm absolutely horrible when it comes to Math. (however I'm good when it comes to English and Reading Comp) I've wanted to be a nurse for a really long time now (the thought of not being one actually really hurts!) I'm so nervous when it comes to the math portion of the exam. (I kinda wish that it actually had Science on it, because I'm pretty decent at that, but the ESB test doesn't) I'm so nervous about it, I stay up day and night (when I'm not studying of course) and all I do is worry about it. Any help/suggestions/advice for the math portion of the test (as well as advice in general) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much